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Model:U-7400 Professional Wireless One Tow Four Series


1. The four-channel true diversity line design adopts the UHF wireless microphone dedicated frequency band, which is not interfered by other industrial frequencies.
2. PLL digital frequency synthesis technology, realizes five sets of 20 units at the same time, and does not interfere with each other.
3. Using infrared frequency synchronization technology, the transmitter operation is simple and convenient.
4. The transmitter power can be adjusted. When using it outdoors, choose high power, use the distance too far, in the classroom or conference room multi-function hall, etc.; select low power during use to reduce interference and save battery power.
5. Adopt data pilot control technology to effectively prevent other RF interference and the impact sound of the transmitter switch machine.
6. The transmitter is powered by 2 (conference base) 1.5V/AA battery, which has long battery life and convenient maintenance.
7. With balanced and unbalanced audio output, easy to connect with a variety of audio equipment.
8. The receiver can display the operating parameters of the transmitter for easy monitoring.
9. The transmitter is made of high-strength alloy material and is durable.
10. Super anti-cell phone interference technology
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