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Model:M-9103 Series Discussion Conference System


● Cardioid directional capacitive pickups.
● Low sensitivity to mobile phones, WIHI, Bluetooth, FM broadcast interference, anti-jamming circuit design.
● The microphone head has a speaking light circle, which can display the unit speaking and closing status.
● With 0.96 inch OLED display, it can display the current microphone ID and current working status.
● With audio start function, the microphone unit power is automatically turned on when speaking.
● The chairman unit has a priority function to close all delegate units that are speaking; support 10 chairman units
● The connection location of the chairman unit is not restricted;
● Double backup design, 8-cell dedicated aviation T-type cable connection or network cable connection between unit and unit.
● System unit hot plug function
● The unit is a passive device and is powered by the system host.
● Comply with international conference equipment electrical certification standards (IEC 60914)
● Frequency response: 30-20kHz
● Sensitivity: -42dB ± 2dB
● Reference distance: 15cm-50cm
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