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Model:M-9100 Series Digital Conference System


M-9100 host technology features
● The system host can connect 100 speaking units; access the cascade host, can connect 1000 speaking units; can access the simultaneous interpretation system to realize simultaneous interpretation in multiple languages.
● The system adopts the automatic allocation of address code technology. The failure of one terminal unit microphone or the loose connection of the intermediate connection in the system will not affect the use of other unit microphones, thus making the system more stable.
● The system supports hot plugging, which can reduce and increase the microphone at will.
● Built-in gain adjustment, low cut filter
● Audio transmission without compression, restore the most realistic sound
● The host has a front USB recording port, which can be used to record the conference process.
● Anti-interference circuit design to eliminate interference from all mobile phone signals
● Comes with 2.8-inch LCD screen, independent button operation
● Multi-channel audio input and output interface for connecting sound reinforcement or recording equipment
● Conference mode: first in first out mode, last in first out mode, full open mode, chairman mode
● With the number of speakers, auto-close, time-limited shutdown, voice-activated speech, etc.
● System power supply can be centrally controlled and managed through the central control system

M-9101C/D Product Features
● Cardioid directional capacitive pickups.
● Low sensitivity to mobile phones, WIHI, Bluetooth, FM broadcast interference, anti-jamming circuit design.
● The microphone head has a speaking light circle, which can display the unit speaking and closing status.
● With 0.96 inch OLED display, it can display the current microphone ID and current working status.
● The microphone unit has a volume adjustment button.
● With audio start function, the microphone unit power is automatically turned on when speaking.
● The chairman unit has a priority function to close all delegate units that are speaking; support 10 chairman units
● The connection location of the chairman unit is not restricted;
● Double backup design, 8-cell dedicated aviation T-type cable connection or network cable connection between unit and unit.
● System unit hot plug function
● The unit is a passive device and is powered by the system host.
● Comply with international conference equipment electrical certification standards (IEC 60914)
● Frequency response: 30-20kHz
● Sensitivity: -42dB ± 2dB
Reference distance: 15cm-50cm

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