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Model:ME-800 8-channel programmable central control host


● Built-in 1-way bidirectional 232/485 interface can be connected to wired programmable touch screen to realize one-button switch
● Support remote assistance programming, upload programs, and facilitate post-sales maintenance.
● Compatible with ANDROID, WINDOWS, lOS, industrial RF wireless touch screen control; convenient for operators to control.
● Host 3.8-inch LCD screen for easy viewing of status information, network settings, IP addresses, etc.
● 1 RS-232/485 control interface; 8 RS-232 control interfaces;
● 4-channel IR/serial output port
● 4 relay ports
● Ultra-fast 1600MIPS processor;
● 256M DDR memory, 1G FLASH flash memory;
● 4 (I/O) interfaces:
● 1 NET network interface, supporting GCP/IP Ethernet protocol
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