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Model:E-04HVI 4.3 inch embedded touch screen


● 65K true color TFT LCD display, touch screen resolution of 480 × 272 pixels, beautiful colors, beautiful appearance.
● The touch screen size is 4.3〞/10.9cm diagonal.
● With brightness adjustment.
● It has the function of jumping page and sub-page display and Chinese and English display function.
● The operation interface can be edited, and the graphical interface supports pictures, graphics, text, and 3D buttons. Support JPG, PNG, BMP and other image formats. Support picture transmission function.
● Has a scene setting function.
● With standby screen protection function; electronic perpetual calendar time display function.
● Has a background page function.
● With matrix control.
● With 16 groups of timing functions.
● With SCRIPT function.
● Standard 146 bright box installation design.
● With touch screen coordinate correction function.
● Use external DC12V power supply.
● USB download data is accurate and reliable and can be used to transfer user projects.
● Provide Chinese editing software.
● 16M memory memory.
● The touchpad input error is less than plus or minus 1mm.
● High-speed operation of complex script programs, providing an open programmable control platform, user-friendly Chinese operation interface and interactive control structure;
● Full support for third-party devices and their control protocols; powerful script integrated development platform, where various control programs can be developed
● Built-in 2 serial ports: 2 channels of bidirectional serial port can be specified at the factory, it is 2 RS232. Or 1 RS232 or 1 RS485
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