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4-in-4 out audio media processor, using the latest fourth-generation SHARC ADSP-21488,
400Mhz floating-point DSP with powerful DSP processing capability. The 96Khz sampling frequency guarantees the capture of sound details. 16-parameter filter for each input and output, gain control, noise gate function, RMS
Pressure limit, built-in pink/white noise generator, and adjustable delay. The slope of the divider is selectable from 6dB/Oct to 48dB/Oct. The delay stepping accuracy is 0.02ms, and the level gain accuracy is 0.1dBu, which satisfies the fine adjustment of the scene.
● ADSP-21489 400Mhz floating point DSP
● Dynamic range 114dBu
● Input 16-segment PEQ and output 16-segment PEQ
● 100M Ethernet interface
● PC software automatically discovers the processor
● 32 system presets
● Quick copy of channel parameters
● Upgrade DSP and ARM firmware via Ethernet
● The front panel has input and output signal indicators
● Open third-party control protocol TCP/IP, RS-232 control instructions

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