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The technology and principle of intelligent central control system

Introduction to the intelligent central control system of the exhibition hall
The intelligent central control system of the exhibition hall is an intelligent control system that centrally manages and controls all the exhibition halls. The intelligent central control system of the exhibition hall mainly controls the intelligent control system of the exhibition halls through intelligent devices such as PC, tablet and mobile phones, and is modernized and humanized. At present, the control procedures of the exhibition hall tend to be complicated and the needs are diversified, and the intelligent central control system solves these problems well. In a smart device such as a PC, a tablet, or a mobile phone, each menu can control one system, and each device has a separate control button. The management and control of the exhibition hall can be realized without going to the front of each device. Used in smart multimedia exhibition halls, multimedia classrooms, multi-functional conference halls, command and control centers, and smart home systems, the role in the Memorial Hall-------Integrity Education Center is even more important.

Exhibition hall intelligent control system program
In order to make the display more intelligent, intelligent and modern, it is necessary to realize the centralized control of each exhibition, provide multimedia audio-visual environment control for the audience, facilitate the management of the owner, and save the actual effect of energy consumption. A flexible, stable and reliable, high-end intelligent control system that integrates all the exhibits throughout the exhibition hall to make it more intelligent and intelligent.

Intelligent central control system consists of:
Control: intelligent lighting, intelligent lighting switch, serial port, infrared interface, etc.;
Interface: intelligent control panel, touch screen, sensor, clock, etc.);
Debugging: debugging software and PC, tablet, mobile, etc.;
Each independent module can form a complete intelligent control system of the exhibition hall through a data line or wireless connection system, and centrally control audio and video, lighting, security and other equipment through an interface.

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